CBD Infused Coffee – Green Valley CBD Coffee 100mg (Small Batch)


Green Valley CBD infused Coffee; an awesome blend of taste and strength (without the usual coffee jitters)

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Introducing our first CBD infused coffee, Green Valley CBD Coffee!

This amazingly fresh, dark roasted, pre-ground Colombian coffee has been delicately infused with natural Green Valley hemp during the roasting process and tastes awesome.  Green Valley CBD Coffee is a great blend of taste and strength with none of the usual coffee jitters associated with coffee.

Containing 100mg of CBD extract per 100g of Coffee, this 10% small batch CBD coffee is a must have for your morning coffee routine, French press or espresso, giving you roughly 5mg of CBD per serving.


Colombian coffee
Coffee production in Colombia, for hundreds of years, has had a reputation for producing high altitude  coffee beans. This means the coffee is grown on higher grounds often making it much less acid producing and more alkaline.  Matched with the cannabinoids from our CBD extract; Green Valley CBD coffee is a ‘high in alkaloid’ coffee.  
Colombia’s annual coffee production of approximately 11.5 million bags is one the highest in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam, although the highest in terms of the arabica bean. 


Roasting and infusion 

Green Valley CBD coffee is a blend of fresh Colombian coffee and Green Valley CBD extract, a fusion that takes place during the actual roasting of the beans before they are ground to espresso grinder coffee. As the beans slowly roast, a CBD extract distillate is added to the roaster and the heat slowly infuses the extract into the beans.  They are then ground down and bagged and packaged up.


Green Valley CBD coffee, give it a try and you’ll never go back to regular coffee again!


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