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Welcome to the Green Valley CBD, producer of our premium branded CBD, a ‘whole plant’ based supplement. Here you will find our exclusive range of CBD products from oils,m, to CBD coffee, foods, balms and more. Have a look around the site and be sure to use the heart in the top right of the page when you see something you’d like to add to your wish list.


Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is a non psychoactive compound found within the Cannabis plant. CBD can work with the body’s receptors to help bring it back into homeostasis.

…and did you know:

Humans, and indeed all mammals, have within them something called an ECS, or an Endo-Cannabinoid-System, which uses these receptors, called CB receptors to regulate inflammation, sleep and appetite.

For more information about CBD visit the What is CBD page.

Why choose Green Valley CBD?


Why Green Valley?
We only provide premium CBD extract in a hemp seed oil carrier. Our CBD oils are 3rd party lab tested.


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Within 30 days of any purchase at Green Valley CBD you can return your product if you aren’t satisfied and we will give you your money back

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